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Accidental injuries are a leading cause of death in the United States among all age groups. Even if an injury is not fatal, it can still have serious effects on your life and result in devastating financial, physical, and emotional losses. When someone else is to blame for your injuries, the law gives you the right to hold them financially responsible for your losses.

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What Accidents Lead to Personal Injury Claims?

Injuries can result from many types of accidents, and some incidents that commonly lead to personal injury cases include:

Different types of accidents will mean a claim has different legal questions and issues, so you want a lawyer who understands how to handle your specific type of case.

Common Personal Injuries

Accidents victims head to the emergency room or doctor with a wide variety of injuries. Some people walk away from an accident with cuts and bruises, while others may sustain disabling and catastrophic injuries. The following are only some of the many common accidental injuries:

Many people assume their injuries are too minor to pursue compensation by filing a personal injury claim. However, even seemingly minor injuries can result in medical bills, lost income from missing a few days of work, and other losses. No matter how minor your injury may seem in comparison to others, you should discuss a possible case if you incurred any losses at all.

Holding Someone Liable for Your Losses

A party can be liable for an injury when their negligence caused the incident that led to the injury. Negligent parties can be individuals, such as other drivers, or companies, including manufacturing companies or retail stores. It is important to have a lawyer identify any potentially liable parties in your case. A lawyer can then help with many steps of the legal process, including:

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