Whatever Your Argument, Remember "Be Prepared To Prove It"

1. Talk to Your Attorney Honestly:
Share with your Attorney every important fact and piece of evidence, good and bad, applicable to the factors.

2. Who Takes Care of The Children:
Tell your Attorney if you have been the primary caregiver for the children.

3. There is No Room for Modesty:
If the children are happy, are healthy, are well-adjusted, and have good grades, and you were their primary caregiver, tell your Attorney.

4. If the Other Parent has Engaged in Inappropriate Activity:
If so, be upfront with your Attorney and consider hiring a private investigator. Your Attorney can help you navigate the appropriate measures to take without damaging your reputation, or your case.

5. If You Have Concerns Over the Other Parent’s Mental Health:
Consider asking thecourtto appoint a forensic psychologist to perform an independent child custody evaluation or court-ordered mental evaluation.

6. There Is No Such Thing As “Winning” A Custody Battle:
Keep your children out of disputes. Even if you are honest and heartfelt in discussing your divorce with your children, the judge will likely hold this against you.

7. Don’t Date:
Focus your efforts on demonstrating to the court that your children are your first priority.

Read and study the factors for Tennessee custody found in Tennessee Code Annotated 36-6-106.

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