If you are thinking of adding to your family through adoption of a child in the care of Tennessee Child Services, it is important to note that around 80 percent of children adopted from foster care are adopted by their current foster parents. In fact, the Department of Children’s Services gives adoption preference to families who are already caring for a child who becomes eligible for adoption and can be released from DCS custody.

Since these children may be vulnerable and definitely need a loving, stable environment, DCS imposes some preliminary requirements. Foster parents in Tennessee are automatically approved to adopt children, as the requirements for the fostering and adopting are the same. This makes it easier for foster parents to adopt the children they are caring for in a seamless transition.

The Requirements for Foster-Adoptive Parents in Tennessee Are:
  • Can Own or Rent a Home
  • Can Work Full Time
  • At Least 21 Years Old
  • Valid Tennessee Resident
  • Capable of Meeting Family’s Financial & Emotional Needs

Foster-adoptive parents can be married, single, or divorced, and there are no requirements or restrictions based on whether they already have children.

After verifying that you meet these requirements, you can move toward adopting a child who is in the custody or guardianship of DCS by completing a formal home study conducted by DCS.

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