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Effectively negotiating spousal support to protect your financial future

Alimony can be complicated and highly contested. Unlike other aspects of the divorce process, the Tennessee courts are given tremendous discretion in deciding whether to award alimony, how much, and for how long it should be awarded. Some spouses feel they are paying too much. Other spouses argue that they aren’t receiving enough. Experienced divorce lawyer Ryan K. McFarland in Clarksville skillfully works with couples to reach equitable alimony decisions.

Understanding alimony

Alimony – also known as spousal support -- is a regular monetary payment made by one spouse to another when the couple legally separates or divorces. The purpose of alimony is to remedy any unfair economic consequences from the divorce, even after the division of property and allocation of child support. While there are general guidelines for determining alimony, the Tennessee courts give judges discretion when making this determination.

How is alimony determined?

In determining alimony, the Tennessee courts consider several factors when deciding whether to award alimony and the amount, including but not limited to:

Judges have broad discretion and can consider any factors that are deemed necessary in considering the equities between the spouses.

Types of alimony

Tennessee awards four different types of alimony, which may be awarded individually or in combination:

Pendente Lite Alimony is paid to the economically dependent spouse at any time pending the divorce to enable the spouse to prosecute or defend the lawsuit or pay bills

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Divorce is stressful enough without the financial worries inherent in decisions concerning alimony. Montgomery County family law attorney Ryan K. McFarland effectively negotiates all aspects of divorce, including spousal support, securing favorable outcomes on behalf of his clients. McFarland Law has provided compassionate, dedicated counsel in all aspects of family law since 2004. To arrange for a confidential consultation to discuss your situation, contact Attorney McFarland at (931) 919-4376 or online. McFarland Law is located in Clarksville and serves all of Montgomery County.