The holiday season – from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day – is the time when we see the highest number of DUI (driving under the influence) arrests. This is not only because we tend to party more and participate in more feasts and family gatherings. It’s also because law enforcement agencies deploy additional personnel to maximize enforcement efforts during the holidays. Police agencies in Tennessee also get special federal grants to conduct sobriety and driver’s license checkpoints during the holidays.

There are several steps we can all take to avoid a DUI arrest during the holiday season:
  • Don’t drink and drive.Do not drive under the influence at all.
  • Eat before you drink.If you are going to drink alcohol, make sure you eat enough food, which will help delay the absorption of alcohol.
  • Plan a safe ride home.If you know you’re going to be partying, designate a sober driver. If your designated driver ends up drinking, catch a cab or an Uber. Take the time beforehand to program cab numbers into your phone or download the Uber app and familiarize yourself with how it works. You don’t want to be dealing with those issues while intoxicated. Do not drive under any circumstances.
  • Don’t assume anything.Just because you are close to your home, it does not mean that you are likely to get away with driving under the influence. Also, don’t believe you’re in the clear just because you follow the “one drink an hour” rule.

Be familiar with just how broad Tennessee’s DUI laws can be. Take a moment to read our article

If you or a loved one is charged with a DUI, it is very important that you seek skilled representation immediately.

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