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Handling Cases Involving Orders of Protection in Clarksville, TN

Incidents of domestic violence can be frightening, and many people do not know where to turn for the help they need. It is important to know that there are options to keep you and your children as safe as possible, and you should act right away. If you are in the Clarksville area, contact an experienced family attorney at McFarland Law as soon as you can.

Orders of Protection

The Tennessee Domestic Abuse Statute allows for victims of domestic abuse to obtain orders of protection that aim to protect them from further incidents of violence. An order of protection can have different terms and restrictions, depending on the circumstances of the abuse and the family members involved. Some common effects of an order of protection include:

People who are subject to orders of protection also may not own firearms. All of these provisions are intended to keep abusers away from victims to protect victims from domestic violence and harm.

An order of protection is not a physical barrier that can stop an abuser from violating the terms. However, it is a powerful legal tool, as any violations of an order can result in serious consequences, including criminal charges. For this reason, orders of protection are often effective in providing the protection you need after experiencing domestic violence.

Emergency orders are available without a hearing, called ex parte orders since the abuser does not have a say in the matter. To obtain an extended order of protection, the court will hold a hearing and the abuser will get to argue against the order in court if they choose.

Defending Against Orders of Protection

Sometimes, a spouse or significant other will falsely accuse you of domestic violence and try to seek an order of protection. It is important to seek help from a lawyer who knows how to defend against unjustified orders to prevent you from having to adhere to unnecessary restrictions. Fighting an order can also help with any subsequent divorce or child custody proceedings.

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